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Brewer Christmas Tree Farm, LLC

Brewer Christmas Tree Farm, LLC is owned and operated by Keith Brewer. Keith is a new generation tree farmer that strives to bring his customers quality trees at a wholesale and retail value. He has been planting thousands of trees each year since 2020. As it takes 7-10 years to grow a tree to marketable size, Keith has collaborated with a number of different growers so that he may have cut trees to retail. Wholesale trees are not available at this time. Below you will see some pictures of the spring 2023 planting, pictures of the farm from last November and of last years harvest on a farm that Keith was contracted to manage. All trees planted this year are of Weir's Blue Balsam variety. 

Christmas Trees

All of the Christmas trees that have been planted on the farm since 2020 are Blue Balsam fir trees. Keith has focused on utilizing local sources for his plantings by purchasing seedlings from various Nurseries, including Weirs Tree Farms and Willey's Christmas Trees. 

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