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About Us

Brewer Christmas Tree Farm, LLC is owned and operated by Keith Brewer. Keith got his start tree farming in 2017. While between jobs and looking for temporary work, a friend who worked at Danjou Tree Farm in Canaan, VT said they would be needing help on the farm for the harvest that year. Keith started the job without ever a thought that it would be something that would spark an interest or gain any amount of perpetual thought. After about a week of his time on the farm in 2017, it became too late, the fever had spread for his infatuation of the industry. Keith remembers thinking, "You can earn a living doing this?" It didn't seem possible that something he found enjoyable was also a way of earning a living. At the end of his first harvest he was soon asked to return for the following year and began learning the art of pruning Christmas trees. 

Keith spent roughly 3.5 years working for Danjou Tree Farm and even became well acquainted with another grower across the Connecticut river in Colebrook, NH and began work for Willey's Christmas Trees while finishing his last year spent working at Danjou's. His time spent pruning trees at Willey's became a pivotal moment for Keith as he realized there are different methods to gaining the same outcome that every grower is after, which is "quality" trees. In his time spent at Willey's he learned all about attention to detail in every tree, as the owner himself has a very keen eye and is very particular in the way his trees are pruned. He also has around 45 years of expertise in the industry, with quality trees to show for and has become a valid resource/mentor to Keith in his quest of building a sustainable tree farm. Willey's was also the one who turned a former parcel of leased land over to Keith to lease  as a starting point, as well as  introduced Keith to The New Hampshire Vermont Christmas Tree Association (NHVTCTA) and preached about it being a staple for all growers involved in any aspect of growing Christmas trees. 

In the winter of 2021 Keith found himself trying to figure out how he would be able to fund his new business. He recalled back to his plan B, which was a Commercial Drivers License he obtained shortly after graduating High School. Within a few short months he took a job driving for TMC, a transportation company based out of Des Moines, IA. He spent nearly a full year driving OTR until hitting yet another road block. He found that he was never home and this created difficulties in taking care of his newly planted crops. So, he found a job driving for Ron Lyons Trucking, a local transportation company that allowed him more home time and less time spent out on the road. While driving for Ron Lyons Trucking, Keith decided he would try and get himself established on a retail lot. He began his search for cut trees by April 2022 as well as searching for a retail space to actively sell the trees. It was soon found out that Christmas trees were something of a "hot" commodity and would be more difficult to obtain than originally thought. By the end of June 2022 and after numerous phone calls getting, "no sorry, we're sold out", Keith decided that he would  look towards the next year. 

Nearly a month later, an opportunity to be contracted to manage a farm and gain cut trees had risen on a nearby farm that was in desperate need of attention. Coincidentally, the farm happened to be right near where Keith had gotten introduced to Christmas tree farming. With little time to lose, Keith had immersed himself into the full time task by the middle of August 2022. Opportunity had also risen with a retail lot opening its doors to Brewer Christmas Tree Farm. It was Arsenal Yards in Watertown, MA. By the end of 2022, Brewer Christmas Tree Farm had made its first successful retail appearance. Since, Brewer Christmas Tree Farm is still very young, Keith expects his business to be continually pivoting until finding a permanent retail space to call home for years to come. 


Farms Vision

Keith's vision for the future is to build a sustainable farm that will produce quality trees year after year for his future family and yours. He hopes to do his part in keeping a rich Christmas tradition alive for many,  among an aging industry. 

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